Outdoor Training

Outdoor Personal Trainer in Burwood for Fitness Training

Not keen on the prospect of joining a gym and love the outdoors? Come for an amazing outdoor workout in with me at Burwood Park!
Are you on the verge of taking the first step to achieving a great body and that too taking the fitness training outside the gym? CZ Fitness offers you the facility of outdoor training by bringing the gym to you. Join me for amazing outdoor workout sessions in Burwood Park.

Not everybody is comfortable with the idea of making their private moments of exercising public by exercising in a park. However, I have come across a lot of fitness enthusiasts who wish to break the rule of working out within the four walls of the studio and excel their session amidst nature. Being the most experienced outdoor personal trainer in Burwood, my aim to provide my clients with the required convenience to make their workout session fun and motivating.

The benefits, however, are not limited to my clients rather the facility of outdoor training helps me to be innovative in my approach to designing the workout session different from that of the studio. I can utilise the flexibility of having an open space for setting the training equipment in my way to secure maximum convenience for my clients.

Objective of Outdoor Training
My goal is to get you that dream body by giving you a fun exciting workout that burns fat and builds muscle! When you begin training with me, your motivation and passion for fitness will increase dramatically as you smash through those obstacles that have held you back for so long!

Our Outdoor Training Equipment

To keep my workouts exciting and productive, I have decided to include a wide range of equipment that will assist with all types of training. You are going to get the best of your workouts by getting the training with

  • Battle ropes
  • Sandbags
  • Kettle Bells
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Medicine balls
  • Slam balls
  • Agility ladders and much more!
  • Stages of Outdoor Training
    I tend to use different training methods that prove to be quite engaging for our clients. Every individual has a different perspective along with diverse objective. My duty is to make sure that I can collaborate with their aspirations and make their fitness goals feasible at the starting point. I have infused a few stages in the structure of my outdoor training sessions for ensuring the entire process provides a disciplined outlook to my prospective clients.

    I start my sessions with a constructive warm up process to prepare the body of the trainees for upcoming challenges. At the next level, I take my clients to start doing some of the fitness exercises based on their requirements. For instance, those who want to build muscles will be doing a different set of activities contrary to the ones a person craving for weight loss will carry out. The process is followed by strength development exercises that are aimed to cure you of the imbalances growing in your body.
    Benefits of training with CZ Fitness outdoors?
    • No gym membership fees!
    • Getting to enjoy the outdoors.
    • Massive range of equipment to add diversity to your workout.
    • Motivation to get you those results you want.
    • Challenging workouts which will see you smash through your goals.
    • Accountability
    • Professional service.
    • Nutrition advice.
    • An amazingly fun experience.
    Contact me for a FREE consultation to get you started on those fitness goals!