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Personal Trainer for Fitness Training in Burwood

Your quality of life should in no way be affected by your perceived physical incapabilities. Physical training is a lot about fitness and staying in shape rather than mere weight loss. It changes your life (of course for the better) in more ways than what you can imagine. There are times when we are rendered incapable of carrying out regular functions just because of the apparent lack of stamina or even motivation. Physical training is a lot about dedication, motivation and bolstered self-esteem. As a credentialed Personal Trainer in Burwood, I look forward to be your partner in physical and emotional growth—because, fitness I believe transcends physical confines. Getting in shape is not just about slipping into the tiniest of clothing but also about discovering a personal facet which remained largely dormant till now. Talk about so many people finally triumphing over their diffidence to emerge as super self-assured individuals solely because of the physical transformation achieved by them!
Personal Training Timetable
Monday Tuesday Wesnesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6am – 5pm 6am – 5pm 6am – 5pm 6am – 5pm 6am – 5pm 8am – 4pm 10am – 2pm
Can’t you hit the Gym? Shun your worries!
A hectic cubicle bound lifestyle, a busy homefront and regular obligations – nothing has to stop you from getting the body you have always longed for. You can’t hit the gym? That’s no impediment as well. Call me up for personal training at your home or office or anywhere you like. As an experienced fitness trainer in Burwood I am equally adept at guiding trainees in gym and home environments. If you are not hitting the gym on a regular basis, I will ensure that you are not missing out on any aspect of fitness that regular gym goers have access to.

My holistic personal training programs include the following aspects without fail:
  • Resistance training aimed at making your muscles leaner and improve metabolism
  • Nutrition counseling: This forms the crux of even the toughest of fitness routines
  • Personal training to minimise risk of injuries
  • Cardio: A must for fat burning
  • Constant support to help you push yourself beyond your comfort zone
  • Access to knowhow about variant nuances of diet and fitness
  • Accountability at all stages of physical transformation
  • Strength training
  • Fitness programs designed for athletes
Flexibility of training
As a personal trainer in Rhodes working for years with clients with diverse fitness and diet needs, my aim is to devise an effective regime which is safe and fun at the same time. As you might have gauged by now, I personally am an avid advocate of emotional cleansing with the help of physical training. Don’t exercise on days when your mind doesn’t allow even if your body does. Once you start exercising, make a conscious effort to keep your regular concerns aside. Acing those perfect crunches and planks is not only about getting the physical postures right but also about adopting a steely resolve to pull off what you think was impossible even a few months ago. Trust me it’s not only about your body but the amalgam of the mind, body and spirit. With such unprecedented focus on mind, I believe that you are constantly and often unknowingly braving your biggest “demons” while you’re slogging it off with me. So, don’t be surprised if I fall back on stories of courage, inspiration, determination and miraculous triumph from time to time. These stories are just a means to keep you motivated.
How many people can train at a time?
In order to cater to diverse training needs, I have actually gone on to devise regimes designed for individuals and small groups. If you are opting for individual P.T in Burwood you will definitely have access to more personalised sessions – with of course – guaranteed undivided attention.

There are people who love sweating it out with friends and cohorts. Fitness becomes more fun that way! Don’t worry, if you have got your small group ready, I am there to walk each one of you through your journey from flab to fab. I will be responsible for monitoring your moves so that they are well optimised for the best results.

My outdoor training sessions are specifically designed for those who love to bask in the wondrous glory of Nature while working out. Do feel free to enjoy the fresh air while sweating it out with me.
The service packages are also as versatile as they can get. Depending on your present needs and budget you can always opt for 3 or 6 month plans. If you’re satisfied with the quality of training provided by me, you can always go on to work with me for a longer period.

The southern and northern suburbs, eastern suburbs and the inner suburbs are just a few areas covered by me. I would still request you to call me up for further assistance in this regard if you are really interested in opting for my coaching services. I will be more than happy to communicate, collaborate and work towards an efficacious fitness plan to help meet your goals.

All my sessions are geared towards shoring up muscle strengthening, toning, weight loss, and fitness in general. With regular sessions and infallible adherence to the diet plan advised by me, you will be able to see results within a month or so.

Notably, the fitness and diet plans devised by me will be an evident outcome of my discussions with you regarding your personal fitness goal (the type of body you want to see yourself in), suitability (both in terms of postures and certain components of diet) and your physical limitations (if any).
Get in touch!
So, what are you waiting for? Call me to get a detailed idea about the training methodologies adopted by me, the feasibility of fitness routines and practicality of your fitness “dreams”.

For me fitness is freedom – freedom from your body concerns, from your fears of not being able to pull off simple fitness measures like walking a few metres more than what you’re used to do! Trust me with your body issues, fears and insecurities and let’s create a healthier path to your well-being!